A Little Of Our History

Our church congregation has a history that extends back to 1886, the year that Plevna was founded.  The Congregational and Methodist churches maintained separate buildings and congregations from 1886 until 1957.  At that time they merged into one congregation maintaining the Congregational denominational affiliation at the current building location.  The Congregational Church became affiliated with the United Church of Christ in 1961.

In 1979, as many denominations began to stray from the gospel, our local church voted to become independent.  It is now what is termed as an independent bible church.  As such, we’re a body of believers who are committed to making God’s word central to everything we do and teach…and not just as a church body, but as individual followers of Jesus Christ, giving God the glory as we live our lives before Him.

The Plevna Community Church has a long history of faithful, Bible preaching men who have served as pastors of the church.  With the leadership of Reverend Rex Kelly being instrumental in forming the merger of the church congregations, eight pastors have been called to serve at Plevna with a few men filling in during interims.  Most recently Pastor Alva Goossen served in the church for 23 years followed by our current pastor, David Green who has been serving the church since 2008.

Some of the original settlers to the area that voted to found a church back in 1886.  Up until this time they were meeting in a grove of trees.

One of the earliest pictures of the congregational church.  Parts of it are still incorporated into the present structure.

Members hard at work during a church remodel.

Pastor Dave playing the part of the circuit riding preacher during the 125th celebration reenactment.