Baptism & Communion

We as a church recognize and practice the following two ordinances as commanded by our Lord:


We baptize believers as a public acknowledgement that they are trusting in Christ for their salvation.  It is powerfully symbolic.  The water represents the cleansing power of the blood of Christ.  A believer goes under the water representing their death to the old life.  They are then raised out of the water representing the new life that they now have in Christ.  We practice baptism by immersion ...typically in a cattle tank as our local river often only runs ankle deep.  Baptism is something that believers are commanded to do and we encourage all Christians to be baptized if they have not been already.


Communion is a special time to remember what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross.  It is a serious yet joyful time of reflection and thanksgiving.  At our church it can be partaken of by anybody who is a confessing Christian and who isn't conducting themselves immorally.  While none of us are sinless, we do suggest that before coming to a communion service that you take time to search your heart before the Lord and make sure that there is nothing unconfessed between you.  You do not have to be a member to partake of communion.

**The Dedication of infants is not an ordinance as such, but it is practiced according to parents’ discretion and administered by the Pastor.