Marital Distress

The last thing most people with marital problems want to do is

get counseling.  There's a lot of negative stigma attached to it.  But

think of it this way, if you have a car that you like and it starts having

problems you don't mind taking it to the mechanic.  In fact, if anything

you have and value starts having problems you readily take it some

place to get it fixed.  You realize that it's worth it.  Well, what's more

valuable than your marriage?  Other than your relationship with Christ,

there is nothing in your life more important than your relationship with

your spouse.  So if you have marital problems, why wait until they

become major issues?  Why sit idly by while you watch the most significant earthly relationship you have crumble into dust?

Don't think about getting marriage counseling as a big deal.  Think of it as getting an engine tune up or taking your favorite vacuum in to get it serviced.  Routine maintenance.  We know by reading God's word that our marriage relationships are very important to Christ.  So if you are experience marital distress, please contact your pastor and schedule a time to start marriage counseling.  Going to that first session will seem kind of awkward and you might even seem nervous, but you'll never regret that you did.