Big Annual Events

Here are some of the bigger events that Christ has led us to do each year:

March or April:  Easter Cantata and Communion

This is our Maundy Thursday celebration.  Who doesn't love to praise Jesus?   And what better reason for doing so than to thank Him for dying on the cross in our  place?  Join us as the choir sings praises to Him!  Afterwards we focus on the message  He gave during the last supper and partake of communion.  This is followed by our Sunrise Service on Easter.

May:                   Vacation Bible School

School is out by the time we do this, but that's no reason for kids to turn off their  brains.  Held in the morning while it's still cool, our V.B.S. program isn't one your kids  will want to miss.  They'll learn more about following God, be given opportunities to  serve Him, make cool crafts and play fun games with one another.  It's a great way to  start the summer.

July:                    Annual Church Picnic

As a church body we love to spend time with one another.  Our church picnics  have been held in a variety of places over the years, but one thing remains the same:  great fellowship.  And great food, so two things.  Held in the cooler hours of the evening  and typically involving water in some way, this is a great way to enjoy July while having  your eyes fixed on Christ and one another.  Just ask anybody in the church to find out  where it's being held this year.

August:              Ice Cream Social

During the hottest month of the year, eating home-made ice cream always  seems like a good idea.  So does sitting in a nice, air conditioned building and listening to  quality musicians praise the Lord.  At our Ice Cream Social we do both.

November:        Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Program

Thanksgiving is all about praising God and giving Him thanks for all the ways He's  blessed us.  Here we take time to remember all He's done, and  in celebration we share  with one another our favorite Thanksgiving recipes.  Afterwards we give thanks to Him  in song during a quality musical program.

December:       Sunday School Christmas Program

Come enjoy this special time as our church reenacts the glorious birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Refreshments follow in the Church basement.

                          Christmas Cantata and Candlelight Service

Don't miss out on this event!  Every Christmas Eve we set aside time to remember God the Father giving us His Son through this special musical event.  You should take time out to celebrate the  birth of Christ as well!