Church Boards

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Deacons:      Current Chairman:  Richard Geist

The Deacons are a group of godly men who assist Christ in watching over this flock.  They primarily look after the spiritual well-being of the church and its members, but oversee other matters as well.  While important issues must be brought before the church for a vote, it is impractical for the whole church to have meetings on a regular basis, so these are the people the members of the church have elected to carry out the day to day leadership of the church body.  A Deacon serves on each board in an advisory capacity and serves a three year term.

Deaconesses:       Current Chairman:  Diane Fowler

The Deaconesses are a group of godly women who assist the Deacons and the Pastor in the visitation of the mem­bers, new contacts, the sick, the needy, and the widows; prepare for the Communion service; help the sick and bereaved; keep the prayer chains up-to-date; cooperate with the Pastor and the Deacons in promoting the spiri­tual welfare of the church; and over­see the Women's Fellowships, House, and Altar Committees.  They each serve a three year term.

Trustees:       Current Chairman:  Tom Geist

The Board of Trustees  faithfully look after the resources God has graciously entrusted to our care for the furtherance of His work.  They manage the finances of the church and take care of the church properties and equipment.  If you have any ideas for how to improve the church building and grounds or see something that needs fixed, these are the guys to talk to.  They each serve for three years.

Missions:      Current Chairman:  Lisa Young

We are very grateful that God allows us to take part in what He's doing all over the earth.  The Missions Committee is instrumental in enabling us to do that.  They keep us up to date and informed on all our missionaries and opportunities we have to serve in our own local missions field.  If you know of a missionary that might like to come speak at our church, let these people know!

Education:      Current Chairman:  Gregg Holcomb

All through the Bible God expresses how important it is that His people be firmly grounded in His word.  To facilitate this our church has a Board of Education that oversees all the various ways people receive Biblical instruction.  This Board primarily deals with organizing our Sunday School, but also oversees the church library, JOY Bible club, Youth group, Vacation Bible School, etc.  The term is for one year.

Music:          Current Chairman:  Sharon Gagnebin

One cannot read the Bible without seeing how much music is involved in the worship of God.  It's a central part of our worship too.  And as those gifted with musical talent know, music involves a big commitment.  Our Board of Music oversees all our various musical programs as well as conducting our two big Cantatas each year.

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